Can Make Significant Changes, These 11 Components Make the Honda CB150R Streetfire Attractive |Auto

2022-11-24 05:09:50 By : Ms. Linda Zh

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched the All New Honda CB150R Streetfire.This new model has undergone significant changes compared to its predecessor.The manufacturer has refreshed the exterior and improved several features.In addition to making the body bigger, there are several new components that make it look even more attractive.Even if you win the highest variant there are additional cool devices.

The most significant changes are in the body.Especially in the tank.Gasoline reservoir is now covered cover.So it's getting bigger and bigger.Unlike the first and second generation.The use of plastic protectors can make it easier for consumers when they want to modify the motorbike.If it breaks or breaks, just buy one piece.Obviously saving on repair costs, rather than an iron tank that has to be repaired or replaced with a whole new one.Then minimize the risk of leaks due to impact. Graphite Powder Manufacturers

Can Make Significant Changes, These 11 Components Make the Honda CB150R Streetfire Attractive |Auto

Firm curves and sharp lines on the fuel tank cover make it look fatter and sturdier.Give a dashing and manly impression to anyone who drives it.Especially when viewed from the front.Front bloated solid, the back is smaller so that the rider's thighs are more comfortable clamping the tank.It is also undeniable that he adopted the moge look.

Not only that, the shroud area on the new CB150R streetfire is practically similar to the CB500F.Wide and aerodynamic.One with the tank soaring forward.And that now covers the trellis frame that supports the engine.The bottom of the fuel reservoir so it looks solid.In addition, it gives the impression of being dashing and aggressive like a big bike.

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The use of wide model handlebars of course gives a dashing impression.In terms of comfort when used can also be obtained.The driving position is more relaxed.Ease of handling for short and long distance travel can also be achieved.

Thanks to the use of wide handlebars it also makes turns quicker, making it easier to control and feels lighter.Even though it has a large tank cover, the turning radius is quite a lot.The ergonomics model is completely different from the old one.Visibility is also getting better.

The fat bar handlebars were supported by a fairly high raiser.Its position makes it closer to the rider.When both hands grip the handlebars, the back does not bend too much.Perfect for naked bike sizes.

To give a sense of comfort, the manufacturer gave the damper rubber between the triangle on the front sokbreker and the handlebar holder raiser.The impact can reduce vibration.Not bad for reducing so that the hands don't get tired easily.

The use of damper rubber technology on the new CB150R Streetfire is similar to that on the PCX 160 or ADV150.Actually, this has been around since the previous version of the Honda CB150R.But now a little different.Shake the handlebars back and forth more pronounced.It could be due to using a longer handlebar raiser.When braking hard, the swing feels stronger.Hands and body as pushed forward automatically.For those who are not used to it, it may be uncomfortable.But don't worry, it's designed that way.Everything is safe, because the manufacturer has done a series of trials.

This is a new feature found in the All New Honda CB150R.New speedometer design.Now equipped with display gear position.Of course it functions to make it easier for the user to know the gear position when riding.So it's not just the N or neutral position, the gear positions 1 to 6 are immediately read.

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This feature is indeed a minus in the CB150R until the last version before the latest variant is launched.Many users of the older generation of CB150R complained about the lack of gear indicators on their bikes.So many install aftermarket gear indicators.

In addition, given the addition of fuel consumption indicators.Useful for motorists to know the average consumption of gasoline when riding.

This new component is one of the advantages offered by the All New CB150R Streetfire.Unlike the old model that uses conventional telescopic.Upside down is installed using a vendor from the Japanese manufacturer Showa.Even so, the suspension of this motorbike has been produced in the country.While SFF-BP is an acronym for Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston.

This suspension is identical to that of the All New Honda CBR150R, it's just that there is a difference in size.This is because it is adapted to the style of the motorbike.The full fairing is longer because there is a handle for the handlebars.

The tube diameter used by the new CB150R is similar to the CBR250RR, which is 37 mm in size.The difference is that it only has one piston, one cylinder, and has no tubes in the cartridge.Part per is also not the same.

For the Special Edition (SE) variant, there is a slight difference from the regular version.The highest type has a 3D emblem attached to each side of the tank.It has the shape of a flapping wing logo and silver Honda lettering, quite a contrast to the matte plastic cover.Of course it can give the impression of luxury.Three-dimensional design, while the standard version is only a stripe.

The handlebars and rims on the SE variant are painted Burnt Titanium.The color embedding is able to emphasize the exclusive and tough impression.Perfectly in tune with the matte body.

The next device in the SE variant is the undercowl.The main function is to keep the lower front of the machine from getting dirty easily.Can also protect from exposure to pebbles or small stones.In addition, the appearance of the motor becomes denser and contains.Cool.

The new Honda CB150R no longer has a kick starter component, aka crank lever.Elimination of this tool is also to reduce the weight of the vehicle.Manufacturers have focused more on driving comfort.That way, the load can be trimmed 1 kg to 2 kg.

As is known, the kick starter has several series of systems in it.For example the crankshaft, springs, to the connecting gears.If the total weight is quite heavy and eliminating this feature it is claimed to be able to reduce the weight of the motorbike.

But the loss of the crank lever was not followed by the addition of a voltmeter indicator.Automatically the owner cannot monitor what the ideal battery voltage is.

In addition to the dampers on the handlebars, vibration dampers are also installed on the footstep.Yes, given rubber that looks thick but hollow.Whereas the previous model, which was in the form of solid rubber, quickly eroded if you frequently stepped on it or rubbed against your shoes when operating the gears or the rear brake.Even so, it's enough to prevent the feet from slipping and gives a different effect compared to other motorbikes.

The rear fender is designed to be easily removed or the cool language is plug n play.The sharp stern model with the LED stop lamp is even cooler when the rear fender is removed.Sharp and aggressive impression feels thicker.Indeed, not all users like it.Because its use is quite important.One of them can withstand splashes of water.(Bgx/Tom)

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Can Make Significant Changes, These 11 Components Make the Honda CB150R Streetfire Attractive |Auto

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